Schizophrenia symptoms

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One of the most frequent symptoms of schizophrenia is "hearing voices" that others cannot hear, what are called auditory hallucinations. The patient may carry on conversations with these voices, or hear two hallucinatory voices carrying on a conversation themselves. Sometimes the voices can give commands or make comments on the patient's actions. Other symptoms of schizophrenia can include:

  • Visual hallucinations, or false sensations of smell, touch, or taste

  • Delusions of grandeur (for example, thinking. one is a person of higher power)

  • Delusions of persecution (as in thinking one is. being watched or is a victim of a conspiracy)

  • Disorganized or bizarre thinking and behavior

  • Being extremely withdrawn, expressionless, or . apathetic (such as isolating oneself from family or friends.

Early Warning Signs

Other visible signs that difficulties may be forming (which sometimes can be early warnings of schizo-phrenia) include changes in personal hygiene and appearance, changes in personality, changes in sleep patterns, not showing up for work or school, or pro-nounced inappropriate or bizarre behavior.