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Schizophrenia Symptoms & Problems Checklist

Have you recently:

  • heard voices others haven't heard?
  • had visions?
  • felt odd physical sensations?
  • smelled strange odors?
  • heard unusual and distressing sounds?
  • had someone else's thoughts come into your mind?
  • felt like other people know what you are thinking?
  • suspected others of conspiring against you?
  • felt greater or more important than others?
  • spent more time alone, preferring this to being with others?
  • felt more confused than usual?
  • felt overwhelmed with life?
  • missed time from work or school?
  • had more (or more troubling) conflicts with others?
  • had trouble sleeping/or sleeping too much?
  • felt depressed or down?
  • felt particularly worried or anxious about anything?
  • use alcohol or street drugs to cope with stress?
  • had any thoughts of hurting yourself or others?
  • had any accidents or mishaps?
  • had bad experiences?
  • had health problems?
  • felt distress in your support system between yourself, friends,family?
  • been taking your medication as prescribed?
  • felt like the medications are working? Aripiprazole 10/15 mg Restores life back to normal
  • Unique mechanism of action
  • Better control of positive negative & cognitive symptoms
  • Low propensity for EPS
  • Minimal weight gain & sedation
  • Melt in mouth tablets ensure patient.